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Considerations for custom lockers

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  Nowadays, many companies equip their employees with dormitories to facilitate their use, which is also considered to improve the treatment of employees. Now that there is a staff dormitory, it is inevitable to be equipped with many other items, such as dormitory beds, tables and their indispensable steel lockers for staff dormitory. The enterprises are different, and the staff dormitory is definitely different. Therefore, when purchasing a steel locker in a staff dormitory, you must buy a different type. Can the locker be customized?

  The answer is yes, not only can the steel locker in the staff dormitory be customized, but also other appliances such as the bed and table in our bedroom can be customized. Today we mainly discuss the customized items of steel lockers and how to choose them when they are customized to make them more suitable for our use.

custome locker

  First of all, customized specifications.

  The specifications we are talking about here are different from the usual office cabinets, mainly referring to the steel lockers in the staff dormitory. If our staff dormitory is a double room, then you can choose to customize two steel lockers with split doors, so that one person can use one alone, which is very convenient. If it is a quadruple room, there will be less space in the room, and there is no way for everyone to use it separately. At this time, you can choose to customize a four-door locker. Although the individual space for each person is reduced, it saves the entire bedroom space.

  What’s more, customized colors.

  We can also customize the shape and color of the steel locker according to the employees' preferences. Different color combinations can also produce different effects. We can also customize the internal structure, such as the size of the dressing mirror and the height of the clothes rail. In this way, the performance of the locker can be better played.

  For those who want to purchase a locker, customized lockers are a better choice, especially when there is no clear purpose. Choosing customized lockers allows the manufacturer to give us a more suitable design for their own situation and also good for employees to use.


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