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Steel file cabinet manufacturer: Huadu Furniture Group

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  Filing cabinets manufacturer huadu, focus on steel office filing cabinet 28 years, adhere to the "only do high-quality steel tank", sold to all over the world the best steel cabinet, steel file cabinet industry development, to lead the forefront of industry products, adhere to high standards of each filing cabinets, to satisfy consumers and market steel file cabinets.

  As the nation's leading filing cabinets manufacturers, huadu group of high-quality furniture, the quality is a fine production, therefore, huadu group has introduced the industry's leading production equipment, unique in the industry of Switzerland golden horse spraying line, cooperate with manufacturers custom number file cabinet products production line, all to ensure product quality service.

Steel file cabinet manufacturer: Huadu Furniture Group

  Any file cabinet factory needs excellent and skilled industrial workers to ensure the accuracy and precision of product production. In this regard, Huadu Group has taken many measures to ensure the workers' proficiency. For the introduced new equipment, arrange workers to participate in the training activities of equipment manufacturers, and master the equipment performance and operation methods; With regard to traditional equipment, the method of skilled workers bringing in new workers is adopted to improve workers' labor skills. At present, huadu skilled workers station more than 85% of the skilled workers. Advanced equipment, with skilled workers to operate, ensure the filing cabinet products excellent workmanship, meet customer requirements, and greatly improve the factory's annual output.

  For each steel cabinet product, file cabinet manufacturer Huadu Furniture Group has always been in awe. Only when we are in awe and do a good job in each product can consumers use it for a long time. The steel file cabinet produced by Huadu Furniture Group still looks shiny and new after more than ten years of use by many customers. This may be the basis for the Huadu brand to win customers' trust for a long time. Only good products can win long-term trust!


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