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What are the advantages of locker factory direct sales?

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  As one of the indispensable tools of our company, the locker plays an important role in the office. It can not only store employees' clothes, but also place some artworks to improve the company's taste. As a purchasing staff, how to purchase better quality lockers within a limited budget is the primary consideration, which is also learned. Choosing a factory-directed locker can help you save a lot of purchase funds.

  Under the market economy, the way of physical marketing makes the circulation of commodities go through many links. The addition of many middlemen makes the price of the product rise. When it finally reaches the hands of consumers, the price has been several times more than the direct sales of locker manufacturers. As consumers, we are naturally reluctant to pay so much money, and even the price has exceeded the value of the product, which is even less worthwhile for us.

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  Because of the particularity of their materials, steel lockers have great advantages in fire protection, environmental protection, fashion and so on. They even replaced traditional wooden lockers for a while, becoming the leader in the furniture industry. However, no matter what kind of material is the locker, the main function is to store employee supplies. The other is that the product should be economical when purchased. Therefore, considering these two aspects, it is the most cost-effective way to choose locker factory direct sales.

  As a professional steel locker manufacturer, Luoyang Huadu Furniture Group puts quality first, with the factory direct selling prices. Huadu began research and development of steel furniture in 1992. For the past 28 years, 1.5 million users around the world have been using Huadu's steel file cabinets and lockers, and the reputation is guaranteed. In addition to focusing on price, administrative procurement must pay attention to brands and Luoyang Huadu Furniture Group is your best choice.


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