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Choose the bookshelf of what material is better?

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  Bookshelf is one of the more common furniture from ancient to modern times, the era of material scarcity is the exclusive of intellectuals, but now it is the furniture that the general public needs to purchase, household or office needs.Bookshelf pays attention to beautiful and practical, choose the bookshelf of what material ability achieves standard?Steel bookshelf is the best, but also to discuss the pros and cons objectively.

  A bookshelf is to want to use for many years, must style is beautiful, environmental protection level is tall, quality is the first.The bookshelf product name on the market is various, design is dazzling more, how to choose a proper bookshelf?What does common bookshelf material material have, what advantage and disadvantage does each have?

  Plastic bookshelves are basically the synthesis of chemical materials, mainly polyethylene and polypropylene materials, both are not degradable, the subsequent environmental pollution is very terrible.And most of these chemicals are unstable. No matter how much they brag about being green, they are sure to harm people.


  Wooden bookshelf, if it is to choose pure real wood bookshelf, then very high-end, but as the forest resources are less and less, the price of wooden bookshelf natural rising ship, the price is also very beautiful.If want cheap, can choose chipboard or density board only, natural not as good as solid wood bookshelf.The lacquer that the bookshelf surface sprays easily volatilizes harmful gas, harm human body health.

  Glass bookshelf, say a truth, the person who knows much has not seen glass bookshelf material object also, see a picture very fashionable, beautiful.But glass is very fragile, and fragments can hurt people.If choose plexiglass or toughened glass, can appear the problem with high price again.

  Steel bookshelf is of course the best bookshelf, all steel bookshelf, plastic bookshelf, steel bookshelf, everything, you can meet a variety of options.Iron product plasticity is stronger, can make more pattern!


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