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What are the advantages of steel filing cabinets?

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  I don't know if you've noticed that there are steel file cabinets in almost all offices. As a practical product, file cabinets have always been very popular with people. It has won the favor of most people with its unique advantages.Why steel file cabinets are so popular and what are their advantages?The following details the advantages of steel file cabinets.

  Steel file cabinets have long service life.The service life of steel file cabinet is longer, generally, if it is not artificially damaged, the service life of steel file cabinet is up to 10 years.And broken file cabinets can be recycled, which is a recyclable resource.

the advantages of steel filing cabinets

  In addition, steel filing cabinets are cheaper.Steel filing cabinets are slightly less expensive than other filing cabinets, making them an especially good choice for entrepreneurs who don't have a lot of money.

  Also, steel file cabinets have lots of storage space.Steel cabinet storage data is more than one of its most practical characteristics.As compared with other materials to filing cabinets, especially wooden filing cabinets, covers an area of the same size of two file cabinets, steel file cabinets to store goods more, this is due to the material selection of its own, is only 0.8 mm steel plate thickness of sheet metal filing cabinets, but also do not affect its safety performance and quality problems.


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