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Is it safe to use a file cabinet with a password?

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  In our ordinary work, in addition to some ordinary documents, there will be some confidential information, such as the internal information of the company, documents related to the company's technology, and so on, these are not suitable for ordinary documents, it is better to put in a relatively safe place.At this time, our best choice is the cryptographic office file cabinet, compared with the ordinary file cabinet, this cabinet is more secure, more confidential.

  On the thickness of cabinet body, what common office iron sheet file cabinet USES basically is the steel plate of 0.6mm thickness, although such bearing capacity does not have a problem, but the security is not particularly high however.In contrast, the office file cabinets with coded iron sheets are made of 1.2mm steel, which is more secure and less prone to damage.

  In addition to the thickness of the cabinet, the coded office tin file cabinet is equipped with an automatic alarm device.If the cabinet encounters violent impact or malicious beating, it will automatically alarm, which can not only remind us to quickly arrive at the scene, but also to deter illegal personnel, which greatly improves our anti-theft ability.

file cabinet with a password

  At the same time, and the ordinary file cabinet by the key to open the door is different, the office file cabinet is the use of electronic code lock control.The key is required to cooperate with the password when opening, which is equivalent to a double layer of insurance, and also avoids the situation of key exchange between different products, which is better for the confidentiality of internal documents.

  The security of the file cabinet of the coded iron sheet completely meets our demand of storing confidential information. As for the security of the file cabinet of the coded iron sheet office, we also do not have to worry about this kind of problem. As long as we choose the right manufacturer, we can rest assured about the quality.


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